Second Life provides a unique opportunity for Social Networking. Sites like MySpace, Orkut, Facebook, hi5, and Friendster, just to mention a few, are limited to what they can offer on a 2D (internet) platform despite their media rich content and integrated community building tools.

Second Life combines all the aspects of a social networking site but interactions are conducted in real time through the use of an avatar (a virtual representation of a person in an online 3D world that they create for themselves or have others create for them). These real time interactions create opportunities and situations just like Real Life (without the actual physical presence per se) however, people are able to meet others from around the globe in different time zones in Second Life.

The Second Life platform provides unique social networking opportunities independent of physical presence. Because real people operate the avatar the interactions are of course real, but the ‘connections’ that takes place during the interaction is intensified. Why is this so?

Places in Real Life where people come to meet are filled with extra stimuli that often distract people that are engaged in conversation. Sounds from other people speaking, traffic noises, piped in music and even wind, serve as distractions. Visual distractions are more apparent. In Second Life one communicates through the use of Instant Messaging or chat fields, giving them the time to formulate their thoughts before typing it out. When responses are received, the individual is focused on the words that are shown on the screen.

Second Life now has voice enabled capabilities offering conversations that people have with others from all over the world – a similiar experience that a phone call would give.

Special ‘connections’ are being formed in Second Life every day. What does this mean in a social context?

The opportunity to learn to work with other people, from different backgrounds, different cultures and different languages, in one platform on one project, in different time zones is now possible!

The ‘connections’ that are created by this unique experience form strong foundations for Real Life Personal and Business relationships.

Meet me in Second Life and allow yourself to be amazed at what this platform can do for your social life!

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