We are pleased to annnounce the opening of our 3D Online Space in Second Life. Our 3D Presence will be under the name of Manupool and the first Project is entitled “Merx” – in latin this means, ‘goods’.

Our goal for Merx is to bring people into this 3D platform, creating a 3D environment where residential and commercial entities have a positive impact on one another.

Merx will be ‘themed’ as most Manupool projects will be. Its’ aim is to create a ‘community’ amidst primarily, commercial entities with four spaces designated for residential use. At the center will be a ‘conference/media area’ that will also house a ‘casual meeting place’ for hosting events, as well as an inworld lounge run by a Real Life Cafe!

Similiar to the communication shift the World Wide Web (2D Platform) offered in the mid ’90’s, today’s new media, the 3D Platform is creating a paradigm shift
in the way people socialize and connect on a personal level and for businesses to reach a global market in real time on a professional level. Interactions in a 3D Platform can be profound, as communicating with people from all over the world, simultaneously in different time zones is now possible – in real time! A 3D Platform also provides the unique opportunity for businesses to offer one-of-a-kind customer experiences. Let us show you how this is done.

We would like to invite to take part in our Manupool Metaverse Project (MMP) and be one of the first residents or commercial entities at Merx!

Let us schedule a time, at your earliest convenience, to show you the advantage of having a residential and/or commercial 3D online space!

Please do not miss this opportunity to be one of the first of many to join us.

Contact us today for your appointment.

Thank you in advance for considering this opportunity with Manupool.

With Best Regards,

L.M. Carmen Villadar
Dir.of Sales & Marketing, New Media, Manupool

Pfingstbrunnenstr. 29
60486 Frankfurt am Main

Mobile: 0 1577 422 00 00 (Local)                  +49 (0) 1577 / 422 00 00 (International)
Office: 0 69 4107 8630
Skype: digital_femme
Email: the.digital.concierge@gmail.com


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