Musicians and artists of all mediums are entering Second Life.

They have quickly grasped the unique opportunity that this 3D Web Client can offer them.

Second Life provides a wonderful platform for music and the arts to thrive. Second Life gives musicians and artists full control in how they want to showcase their work as well as the inworld marketing tools to help them reach specific audiences or the global community.

Setting up a music venue or an art gallery inworld costs far less and the building design is limited only to the imagination of the individual. Musicians can stream their music into Second Life and artists can upload their Real Life works.

One artist held an art show at the Embassy of Argentina in Washington D.C. simultaneously with her art gallery opening in Second Life!

For more information on how you can enjoy music and art in Second Life or if you are a musician or artist and want to use the Second Life Platform to reach a global community contact the Digital Concierge today!

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