Second Life’s 3D Web Client offers Real Businesses a platform in which to enhance their corporate presence, expand their marketing arena and tailor their customer service approach to give their potential customer’s a truly unique experience.

Today, customers are more informed and with powerful search engines can go through numerous websites at a click of the mouse. A company’s website has only eight seconds to grab a visitor’s attention before their next mouse click.

Businesses need to adapt to new technologies in order to stay competitive in today’s global market. Access to the internet has made it easier for potential customers to reach products and services right from their computer screen – creating customer empowerment.

What makes a visitor stay longer at a site?

The more a website can engage a visitor and force the visitor to interact with it – the longer the visitor will stay. Media rich content such as a ‘talking host’ on video and interactive features like ‘live chat’ do wonders for a site and allow the visitor a certain level of engagement, creating an experience that static pages cannot offer.

Company’s will be forced to change their existing business models from ‘customer centered services’ to unique customer experiences – a key element to reaching new customers and retain existing ones.

3D Web Cients like Second Life can take your business or service to the next level, preparing it for the customer empowered future. Second Life is a platform where businesses can easily create unique experiences for their customers.

Contact the Digital Concierge to discuss the possibilities of transitioning your business or service into a 3D Platform!


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