September 2, 2007

It is in the air. Things are finally starting to happen and I must always remember that no matter how ‘bad’ something seems there is always a reason for everything. When one door closes another opens.

I just received word from my dear Yumi that a Japanese company has purchased a parcel of land and they chose one of my commercial builds as their office! I am pleased at this news. I will need to make modifications on the original build to suit their logistic needs and I am happy to be doing it! It is all about the customer! Once the build is completed I shall post a photo here. 

 August 3, 2007

I  am glad I kept my First Land. First Land is land that Linden Lab offered to New Residents that signed on with a Premium Account. It is 512 sq m of virtual land that does not require you to pay tier. Tier is monthly payments on land that you own, paid to Linden Lab. I had forgotten about my First Land, but now I am glad I found its location. I am going to use my First Land as office space for the Digital Concierge Service.

August 1, 2007

I first logged into Second Life back in October of 2005. It only took me about a week to realize the potential of Second Life, its’ platform – a 3D Web Client, and how this technology would change our future. This is exactly what the Internet did in the mid ’90’s when it was open to the mainstream.In the beginning, the internet (2D web) was not regarded as an essential marketing tool from many companies that today have a 2D presence. Companies were slow to catch on and those that did forced the skeptics to jump on the band wagon – for fear of getting left behind. Today, everyone and their mother (frankly speaking) has a 2D presence. Second Life, being relatively new,  is experiencing the same backlash from those that are slow to catch on. Undoubtedly, Second Life  is not and will not be the only 3D Web Client. There will be others with inworld economy’s just like the one in Second Life. People will be able to choose which 3D Web Client they would like to subscribe to, similiar to an ISP (Internet Service Provider) or a mobile phone carrier. This will be the reality of the very near future.If we are conscientious about taking our business, service or network reach to a whole new level then we need to  prepare ourselves for the change that is coming in terms of the way these 3D Web Clients will impact existing models for business, learning, socializing and advertising.I am preparing myself for this change. That is why I have decided to return to Orientation Island and do what I do best – Greet the new residents of Second Life, welcome them into this new and exciting platform and show them the best of what Second Life has to offer.I am Maxine Montale, your Digital Concierge and I am happy to show you around Second Life. Please email me to schedule your personalized tour today!_____________________________________________________________________________________

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